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Quick notes from the steamy underside of life:

Check out my latest article in Alameda Magazine — March issue: Click here: Authors – Alameda, California

If you’re near Alameda and want to see two great musical plays, check out my daughter’s fine work in Footloose at Encinal High School March 16-17, 23-24. If you want to see the other wonderful show, check out the fine stagecraft that my stepdaughter wrought in Beauty and the Beast, Alameda High School March 23-24, 30-31. Yes, a few busy weeks ahead — especially with both in all-afternoon, all-evening tech rehearsals and dress rehearsals.

Ana and I are heading to New York to visit the lovely Mia in mid April — I will post from there when I get a chance. Mia lives in Harlem now and goes to school at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, as I’ve mentioned before. She has school so Ana and I will run around and do touristy things, then we’ll spend some hours with Mia in big stores looking for a wedding dress for me and maid-of-honor dress for Mia. We’re planning to go to the Met (museum), to see a Broadway show (Avenue Q or the Duncan Shiek one), to take a carriage ride through Central Park and see the Statue of Liberty, etc. We will be gone over Easter break so I hope/plan to see my brother and his family in New Jersey over the holiday, too.

Not least, I have a meeting with the New York agent I mentioned a few months ago, who has been reading my memoir manuscript and loving it. I quote: “I’m excited about Wedlock. As I am sure you know, it is extremely well written. I am a bit confused about where the Sept. 11th segment fits in but I am sure that it will become clear as you fill in the blanks. I would love to see the memoir in its entirety when you are done writing it. “ That was before I sent her the entire thing. That makes me happy — to know it has legs and it has an opportunity. Who knows where it will go. Of course, there is always the “I love it,” then dead silence, or the “Hurry up. No, wait…” as well. Whatever — I look forward to seeing what happens, and to meeting her. Who wastes time meeting people from far away unless they plan to do business? Fingers crossed (join me, won’t you?).

Also, delivered the poetry manuscript to Ankh Press for editing and the editor is over the rainbow with praise. Quoting: “I have been savoring the poems and it’s visible chills every time…your work is incredible…The poetry is so striking and so powerful and so intense, that the imagery and the passion pick you up and begin to carry you along as you read –Then you are drawn to stop and savor the tastes, smells, touches, visions, sounds and most of all, the heart of the poetry: its deeper meaning, its layers of rhythm, thought, emotion and pure energy……I know this is hard for you to hear, but you have a brilliant talent…”

That’s it on the writing front so far…

Wedding plans humming along, heading for summertime. Save-the-date cards will be in the mail soon. I had an upset stomach Friday night — it was a no-cook night with delicious Taco Bell for dinner (gag). I followed that with a vodka tonic and guess who’s sorry now? Saturday, despite my torpor, I dragged myself to Sacramento with Ana to our neice Teresa’s baby shower (She’s expecting her baby in about 5 weeks). That was fun but the drive back was even more tortuous — I was out of gas and had to get off the freeway in Sac to find a station, which took forever and we were totally twisted around. We finally found some horrible shack selling gas about five miles away from the highway, and then getting back was even more fun. I would rather fly to NY or Euope than drive to Sacramento, any day. But we made it back, obviously. Then P and I went to a fancy party for his company, held at the Exploratorium. Met lots of nice people, all dressed up, awesome food (the individual desserts all had these custom white chocolate labels with the company name on them). Yum. Too bad I was still feeling a little bit urpy, so I didn’t actually eat much. It *looked* lovely, though.

Sunday I again dragged myself from bed and P and I ended up doing lots of yardwork. Cleaned out the fishpond, mowed and weed-whacked and hauled cement stepping stones around. It was a tiring day but felt SO GOOD to be out in the fresh air and sunshine, not lying in bed feeling like death.

Time’s a-wasting so I’m off to the job. Happy sunshine.

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