two steps forward

one baby step back…Mother, may I?

Big fiesta at our place tomorrow — El Tres de Mayo, so come if you want to. Wear your huaraches and bring a Mexican dish to share (we have chips and salsa to feed a platoon, so skip those), and a tasty beverage of choice. BBQ will be going if you want to cook meat-like things. Firepit will be going if you want to get warm, in case it’s cold, which it will be. It always is out here in Scotland, I mean, Alameda Point. Fiesta is 3 pm to 10 pm and not a minute later. I need my beauty rest, and so do the rest of the clan.

I’ve just added to my garden with some judicious rearranging of pots and plants. It looks better now. Yes, I did this in the dark. I had three kittens and a spider (in my sweatshirt sleeve, ACK) for company. Early to rise tomorrow means a little more garden work, hang out the towels to dry before company comes, cook the pintos and bake some bread. I’m working, too. More on that in a minute.

But I just got a slightly alarming/annoying note from Dr, who (not Dr. Who) says I have slightly elevated blood sugar and thyroid — which could mean many things, not excluding pre-diabetes or lack of iodine. I called my nutritionist friend and she has instructed me to eat every three hours to keep blood sugars level. You mean my habit of going to work with breakfast, but only managing to drink the coffee, until it is 1 p.m. and I haven’t eaten a thing — this won’t work anymore? OK, so I’ll work on it.

More work: Saturday is the Friends of the Library Book Sale — it started tonight, but I’m waiting till Sunday because of Big Plans. Plus the close-out sale happens Sunday. Books for a few bucks! Very cool. Saturday after household chores, I’m going to take pix at the Alternatives in Action build-out at Woodstock School, as they swing hammers and wield paintbrushes, getting ready for their move off the base and into the West End (which is more like the middle, now that we have use of the base). Then it’s home to pretty up and go to the Girls Inc Women Who Dare luncheon. Then it’s home again for fiesta prep and party. Then it’s bed with toes up for a good night’s sleep. Then it’s Sunday and I have to rouse the waifs to help with the post-party cleanup. That also means a big pancake or some such breakfast, because a handful of kids will probably sleep over. Not to mention our marguerita-drunk friends.

Then it’s off to the Book Sale, with our own empty bags to fill.

Note to any and all: Take your own shopping bag everywhere, every single day. And your own mug. It’s the right thing to do. I really mean it, and I’m gonna call you out on it if I catch you schlepping a thin one-time-use plastic bag or a paper cup. Stop it now. I mean that with love.

OK, I think that’s most of it. I think that’s all of it.

I’m supposed to be Nano-ing in May but thus far am two days behind. Have missed two birthdays, no, three now. But at least we got the vacuum to work. Happy Tres and Quatro de Mayo, and hope to see you locals at our hootenanny.


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