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The Man is managing as well as can be expected after surgery. That means bandages, pain meds, ice packs and difficulty sleeping. Our good friends Mike (P’s best man) and Jeannie came over today to feed us, bring us beverages and provisions and bags of ice (thank you, thank you!). Jeannie also kicked my patoot around the living room and made me finish opening the wedding gifts. She made me take them out of boxes and put them away, or into the dishwasher. She organized all the cards. There is just one pile left now, and she’s coming back tomorrow (eek!). She also discovered several hundred dollars worth of checks and gift cards in the midden heap that was my living room floor. Can you believe it? Thank Buddha for friends like that. Now I can get to the thank-you cards that are sadly overdue (sorry, sorry, sorry!).

All the kids are out with friends or at the football game, and thus we have an unexpectedly quiet night. Blueberry muffins for breakfast tomorrow. Who knows what for dinner tonight. I’ve been a blur of perpetual motion: went to four events today for the newspaper, plus a run for ice before the Williamses showed up with an ice chest full (I’ve made 2 ice runs daily since Thurs, ack). I had two concert events to attend tonight but with the current lack of sleep and general exhaustion, not going anywhere except to the couch or bed, whichever is nearer.

I picked up a bunch of movies for the Man but we watched only 5 mins of the most recent 007 before falling asleep last night. I also took the Boy to hockey today, which I can’t seem to say: I keep saying hocker, or soccee (sake?). It’s not soccer, it’s hockey. But my brain is on “fried” right now.

Went to make the Husband a sandwich and all the bread had gone south to Moldyville. Ick. Add that to tomorrow’s grocery list. I also went with middle daughter to look at kittens (her birthday present) at the animal shelter, but we arrived 10 mins to closing, and I had only a credit card, not my checkbook, which they don’t accept. So we’ll have to try again Tuesday or Wednesday to get a kitten. But Lordy lu, the kittens were adorable. I loved them. So soft and mischievous. Purring, sweet. Can’t wait to cuddle with one of them. I miss having my own kitty. And I kinda want a bird, too. A blue parakeet-budgie. I will call him (or her) Jamaica.

In the meantime, too much else going on, so it’s time for a bowl of cereal (my favorite meal –Lucky Charms? Hunny Bunches of Oats? Where are the Frosted Mini Wheats anyway? And the Grape-Nuts?). The Man is asleep. Almost time for meds and more ice.

Then to bed. I think I’m gonna pass out. Now.

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