November 15, 2007|Posted in: Catching Up

Take out wrenched ankle!

Remove bread basket.

Take out funny bone. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Today = Patrick’s knee and shoulder surgery, which makes him the one-legged, one-armed man for a month or so. Prepare the sponge bath! But, he says, after this repair job, he will no longer swim in circles. He will swim in straight lines. And throw like a champ. Do handstands and knee bends.

Well, maybe.

As long as he’s not in pain in these two spots and can do what he likes, that’s all that matters.

And all is well. But still — (surgery) makes me nervous. You know me. Nerves, always.

So I’m having my coffee and setting up the family room as hospice and convalescence room, with remote control, food and bevs. Then off to the hospital.

Then, later, work. Report back that all is well, which it will be. Watch this space for details. And thanks for your happy thoughts.

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