the end of Lent as we know it

Checking in on the progress /completion of posited Lenten activities:

I had planned/vowed for 40 days to:

* do a soup supper once a week, to donate our savings in dinner money to the Food Bank.
* find a way to feed the hungry — directly, once a week — bring cookies, etc.
* give up any personal spending.
* do spiritual reading to improve my poor soul.

I would say that this 40-day challenge turned out differently than expected (note: this is a “different” way of saying “I flubbed it”).

We did the soup supper every Monday but I didn’t really track any savings. I think we will just make a donation to the Food Bank of $50, which equals about $10 per week of Lent for the 6 of us.

I made my poetry book signing into a Food Bank fundraiser and that netted a barrel of food and about $100 in cash for the FB. I didn’t bake/cook/provide food in the other ways I’d planned.

I did not give up personal spending. I didn’t buy much but I did have a cup of coffee a couple of times a week.

I did (almost) finish reading a provocative book that I enjoyed very much, though it isn’t for everyone. Stephen Mitchell’s The Gospel According to Jesus, if you’re interested. Caveat lector.
All in all, for someone who isn’t highly religious, although quite spiritual, I think I did OK, but not perfect. After all, who among us is perfect?

OK, throw that stone. You know you want to.

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  1. You’ll get no stones tossed at you from my direction, dear friend. You do well, Super Granny” antics and all.

    May you experience Resurrection more than Lent and Good Friday from here on out…

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