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Not much to add (yet) today except, yawn, very tired, still recovering from last cold and my, but being ill makes one tired.

News and notes: Mia may have found a new apartment, Simone got the lead in Footloose at school and is heading out to cheer at a basketball game; the rest of the kids are visiting other parents, so the house is quiet. It smells of fabric softener and incense. Patrick the Wonderful is changing the oil in the cars. He is making a “fabulous dinner for the woman I love,” and its menu is a surprise. I am slowly conquering the mountains of laundry that six people and a household can make (at last count, I’d done 10 loads, with about six to go). I’m Freecycling Mia’s old bed (the twin, not the double, which Simone has) and some other stuff that was recently dumped on us, as well as downsizing our extra unnecessary stuff (of which seven people have much).

Small goals for today: laundry, writing for my 15-minute stint (tra la, you’re reading it now), talk to Aunt Doris and Mom on the phone (check!), and either take a walk or meditate/study for a while. Maybe both. If I get really motivated I might work in the garden, pruning some of the oversized oleanders so I can see out my windows. But flip a coin between that and a nap…we’ll see which wins.

Assignments for Writers: A) 15 minutes of writing; B)work on image list poem or paragraph for next week; C)draft of first-person essay (up to 2K words).

As for the rest of you, guess what? E-mail and the phone works both ways. Call me, why don’t you?

Advice for Aspiring Writers: Heads or tails — it can tell you which way to take a character, a story, or an afternoon.

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