We’re going up to the mountains again next week for annual family retreat, aka vacation. Looking forward to it. I had grand plans of all that I would do on this vacation, but the bigger challenge is actually not in the doing. It’s in the being.

So I’m not taking my sewing machine or my laptop. I’m taking some books and some knitting and a notepad, to slow the pace enough that I can write a few thoughts, not catch the entire train.

Doing nothing is hard for me. Idle hands are the devil’s workplace, you know. I almost never have idle hands. I always have something cooking in my brain, while writing, emailing, working on projects, planning…always have lots to do.

So my practice this time will be to NOT do. To do nothing. Or, nothing much. To hang out, relax, enjoy, breathe slowly. Sip, not gulp. Walk, not run.

We’re human beings, not human doings. I have to remember that.

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