Post-Literati Sigh of Relief


It’s over. For this year, at least, and not counting the accounting, where I find out if my mini-fund matches my worksheet and see how much I personally paid for, ka-CHING! Not counting the many, many thank-yous I need to write and send. Not counting the sleep I’m still catching up on. And so forth.

Literati 2005 is past. It was really fun, not without some glitches, and not without some sublime moments. Moments like: Ben Fong-Torres brought to tears by a question from my dear longtime friend Charley Thompson during the one-on-one interview. Moments like: Bobby Sharp, in the songwriters’ studio, playing a cassette of Sarah Vaughn singing one of his tunes. Moments like: watching Dennis Erokan, currently of e-agency in Oakland and formerly of BAM magazine, work the room and the panel in the music writers’ session. Moments like: the audience participation in the reading of the city proclamation declaring Nov. 5 to be Alameda Literati Day — say it with me: “Whereas…” Moments like: An empty room suddenly filling with participants and an hour later, people walking out totally amazed at what they’d learned or heard. Moments like: the huge success of the NaNoWriMo Write-in with Chris Baty, and his awe and wonder at how well it went.

I could go on…but am waiting for photos to post to the site. Bob Kuzmeski of Odyssey Photographic had his camera running all day. So did the crew from AP&T, taping various portions of the day to air later on local cable access. Watch AP&T Channel 31 for Ben Fong-Torres, Beth Lisick, and other portions of Alameda Literati for broadcast soon.

In other news, two weeks and I’m a free agent, looking forward to a couple of gigs I’ve got planned, including the Harry Potter class and some editing and publicity work. I have a column to write, and stories and reviews, and more and more, but my bed, for now still covered with Mount Laundry, beckons. And I haven’t been home in days.

Remind me to tell you about: A visit with my sister, sullen teens and Lemon Drops to go.

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Don’t miss Literati 2006. I mean it.

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2 Replies to “Post-Literati Sigh of Relief”

  1. Thank you for putting together such a fine event, Julia, and for inviting me to participate and meet many new writers to admire. Best wishes, Drew Pearce.

  2. Thanks yourself. Couldn’t have done it without you — and lots of help from dedicated volunteers. I still need to unpack my car, bleh!

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