8466 + 7030 = how the hell am i gonna do this?

I’m writing two books at once. Starting Nov. 1, I probably mentioned 20 or 30 times, I started the National Novel Writing Month book-a-thon, to write a novel in 30 days. And it’s coming along fabulously — except that I’m WAY behind. I’m at 7030 words and should be at 20004 (at 1667 per day). On the novel.

On my other book, I’m at 8466. The spiritual book is at that word count.

Together, on these two books, since Nov. 1, I have written approximately 15,496 words, not counting any personal or work e-mail, blogging on Modern Muse or anything (nothing!) that I have written for the newspaper. Not even counting a grocery list. Can I get an amen?

So I need to get off my own back, because that’s a lot of words.

But I think I also need to get real. I must write the blog-a-day in order to write a diary-like pilgrimage book, so in a sense that’s more important. Though NaNo only goes for one month, so it’ll be over soon. But I can’t keep up that pace. I’m way-the-foo behind and though I meant to catch up this weekend, har de freaking har, it did not happen because LIFE happened. And now it’s 20 to midnight and I have a full deadline day tomorrow, kids this week, P’s surgery Thursday, and more, like the phantom thank-you notes, ACCCKKKK! So when I can catch up, not sure.

Perhaps I will just shift myself over to the one book, and keep working on the fiction. (Except that makes me so mad that I am not going to be writing fiction. Grrr!) Oh, well. Reality bites. Think I may have to shelve the Mary book for now, or at least slow down a few RPMs. Because my brain can do only so much. At midnight I should go to bed, not be making lists, writing, blogging and doing laundry. And I don’t need to feel guilty about it.

I’m off to bed. How about you?

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  1. Hey you better slow down or you are going to explode or have a melt down or something. Congratulations on all you are doing. Sounds great. Just don’t over do it. Take care -love your brother Bri

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