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Running around on deadline, kind of back into the routine at the Sun. I spend a lot of time saying, I gotta find me a replacement here, as I’m just sitting in temporarily. Then this morning I got a total charge out of chasing down a story. I really dig on the education stories — no ambulances, no blood, lots of drama and kids’ lives and teachers and books. I like it. It was a bit of a charge this morning to chase down this story on deadline and I was, like, digging it. Really. Hmm, I need to think this over a bit.

I’m also working on new stuff for The Music Scene (see current issue for devastiatingly spot-on reviews by your favorite blogger) and good news — my reader, the lovely Ms Laurie W, has finished the pile of subs for Red Hills, so producing that lovely specimen is next.

I am somewhat sidetracked by the boogaloo of jury duty –may I just say, I DON’T want to be on this panel. DON’T. Can’t talk about it now (yet) but as the judge was reciting the charges, I just kind of curled up into a fetal position and thought, “I do NOT want this case running around in my head. NOT.” Too much bad juju there. I have to go back next week after the attorneys look over our questionnaires and see if I get the boot. Or booted to another case instead. This is what doing your duty is all about. But I hope, I hope I don’t have to do this one.

Following Mia’s adventures has made me feel nostalgic for London, so I picked up a copy of Bill Bryson’s book, Notes From a Small Island, and if you haven’t read it, do. It’s hilarious — laugh-out-loud-in-public-places-despite-people’s-strange-looks funny. Another great one for Anglophiles is Kingdom By the Sea by Paul Theroux, a wonderful walking tour around the coast of Britain and the strange events that occur to him as he walks. And a third old favorite of mine is Susan Allen Toth’s My Love Affair with England. Love that one, too. I could go on — absolutely must read 84, Charing Cross Road if you luv England, as mentioned before. And Jane Austen. And George Orwell. And Vita Sackville-West. And Shakespeare… But more another day (my Francophile list is almost as long).

Do you have favorite armchair travel books? Tell me — about any but Under the Tuscan Sun (snark).

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Read, read, read, every day. Good for your writing and good for your soul. And fun with milk and cookies.

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