me me me and tea

I have this thing about loose leaf tea lately. Like, it never occurred to me to drink it because it’s just a pain in the patoot to measure the leaves and they get all wet and stick to everything and then you have to scrape them out of the strainer and blah blah blah.

But, for some reason, lately I’ve been drinking loose leaf tea and using my tea strainer (I have a couple of cute ones — shaped like a house or a tea cup, but I like the round one best). And it feels rather nice to be enjoying a beverage that does not produce much waste and is good for you. Not even a tea bag. Loose tea comes in a tin, which is reusable or recyclable, and there’s no paper waste. I like that. So, although on occasion I will gladly use a tea bag if that’s what is available, these days I’m paring it down to essentials. Just the tea and the strainer, and a cup of hot water.


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