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Or should that be spearing the blog? Blogger tells me it is on a scheduled outage, so no telling when this will post. (!)

I’ve been editing a fascinating book by one of our new authors, about the discovery and passage of the Anza Trail. Her photos are gorgeous — a look at an old historical venture through the photographer’s eye, 21st century. It is good reading but lots of details to watch for (like checking the Spanish translations) so it has taken me longer than I expected. That’s work. The elections are also causing a flurry at the newspaper, because of covering issues before Erection Day and giving fair coverage, etc. I could go on but bleah. I’m sick of all of it already. So much negative noise. The only hope I have re this outcome is that the noise will stop soon after Nov. 4, please G*d…it’s giving Mommy a headache.

Back at the hacienda, our kids are rocking in school; we got the Boy’s school pictures back yesterday and he is adorable! The Grrrrls are having fun in their various endeavors, and though each year is a bigger challenge, they are stepping up to it. Short story: it’s all good. Long story: buy me some decaf organic loose-leaf tea and I’ll tell you more.

Summer hasn’t left us yet, though this warm weather feels like fall. There’s a different blue in the sky, falling leaves, a sweeter light wind, and pumpkins everywhere. Halloween decorations are out, but not at our place just yet. Guess we’re skipping it this year. That’s OK by me. As I said, I’ve been on full-whelm, so another batch of stuff to haul out, set up, then clean up and put away again, for no reason other than “It’s Halloween, and cute skeletons are all the rage,” to me is kind of a waste of my time.

Yeah, I know. Humbug. I’m still feelin’ summer here. Get off my back.

This week has been a merry-go-round of busy, from Jimmy Buffett prep to school meetings to my women’s group to teaching night school this week. (Thanks to another great group of smart writers just waiting to unleash their talent on the world — watch out, Alameda…here they come.) The other surprise of the week was that we *did* go to Jimmy Buffett on the party bus with 20 other Parrotheads on Tuesday, and it was a fabu concert (see set list here). But a lo-o-o-o-ng night for tired me. Nothing like 20,000 margarita-swigging fools to show you what a good time looks like.

Tonight: Iyengar yoga with the Grrrrls. Tomorrow: softball game with Mr. Husband and the Pack. Saturday: detox and juice fast, because it’s time to get a bit healthier. Sunday: cigs, booze and heroin. Nah, just kidding. Maybe church instead. Or a nice bike ride. Or nothing.

Thought for the day: Most citizens/families of the world survive on about $730 per year, if not less. Here in America, if your household makes $93,000, you are in the top 10% of Americans re wealth. I found that shocking, esp in this economy. That, in fact, puts many, if not most of us, in a pretty sweet situation, if you consider that we flush our toilets with perfectly potable water when about half the world is desperately thirsty, and throw away a ghastly amount of edible food and wearable clothing, not even to mention random driving around in our gas-guzzlers just because we can.

Think about it before you waste another gallon of water just to rinse the sink. Just think about it.

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