It’s still fall but in California, this is also what winter looks like. We don’t have seasons, we have weather: hot, fog, rain, wind. Sometimes cold, but not that cold. The cold of which I speak in the headline is myown — I caught the one my daughter had and instead of baking bread and cleaning my bathroom bowl, I’m slouching around and drinking tea in my bathrobe. Sexy!

Yesterday the cold (mine) was coming on, so I popped a lot of cough drops and kept plowing ahead. The last day ofthe fall Friends of the Library Used Book Sale was yesterday — the clearance sale (see pic for the line to get in). I love the clearance sale. A bag of books for $3, a box of books for $5. We brought home seven bags, plus two more that my eldest-at-home daughter bought. She paid $8 for 54 books; we paid $21 for dozens of books, records, new items like journals, wall calendars, games, video tapes and items for collaging. We live a block away and ended up fetching the car to take them home because the bags were so heavy. This sale happens twice a year and is literally one of my favorite events of adulthood.

I. LOVE. the. Used. Book. Sale.

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