Everything Must Go!

UPDATE: FYI, these items have found a home:

Sofa-bed and throws, two coffee tables, blue dresser, Moderne porch settee, lime-cream-gold rug, Moderne bookcase.

FYI, there is more stuff to list soon — I think we have a brownish-orange tweed recliner perfect for a guy’s garage or hang-put space (it’s kind of itchy to sit on, IMHO).

* A pair of matching twin-sized quilts in pastels — mostly pink and blue and cream. Lots of other bedding, too (sheets in yellow and blue, a red dust ruffle with matching sham, double-wedding-ring pattern quilty things)

* A sewing machine (Montgomery Ward brand) — basic stitches, not fancy embroidery or anything. Good basic machine, recently tuned up.

* Hewlett Packard DeskJet 855Cse color printer

* Antique sewing machine in cabinet (pops up when you open it). I have never sewn on it, just liked the cabinet and the machine is, as I say, antique.

* Girl’s bicycle — for ages 6-10, pink, two wheels

* A ton of Disney videos

* Girls’ dancewear (a variety of jazzy sequined things, tutus, children’s size 3 ballet shoes in white and pink) and costumes

* Lots of girls’ books and stories, belts, purses galore and many different kinds of girl toys (I am sorting through boxes of Barbie, Polly Pocket, Betty Spaghetti and American Girls stuff)

More to come as I plow through the closets. Send me e-mail if you want any of this. You come get it, it’s yours free.

Hey, anybody want a draft of my novel? Found it under my bed. It’s only 650 pages long, double-spaced…

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Save it; it might be worth something someday.

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