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Mr. Unhusband and I have been sleeping in. Like, way in. It’s bad. Sinful, almost. Except not. Sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your body and sleep. And sleep. And sleep.

For some reason, this past weekend, that’s all I think I did. I know I ran around and collected boxes for my move and worked on the mailing list for Red Hills Review that was destroyed in the Great PC Meltdown at the Sun last month. I know I did laundry and dishes. I know I went to San Francisco and shopped till I dropped (you should see my new jacket) (and purse) (and shoes) (and earrings); saw Bebe Neuwirth in Here Lies Jenny and spent quality time with Daughter #1, celebrated Gay Pride and ate delicious food. I remember having drinks with Mr. Unhusband and his softball team at Scobies after the game. I went to the San Francisco East Bay Press Club dinner and awards event, where Oakland Magazine writers won awards for two stories, one of which I had a hand in editing (yay for the mag!). I know I went hither, thither and yon. But I feel like all I did was sleep.

And yet, still tired. Go figure.

Daughter #2 is still cruising the East Coast. She’s been in Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’ house, Ben Franklin’s House, etc.), New Jersey (Pensauken, Cherry Hill, and now Cape May and Wildwood), and also Washington DC (a visit to all the major landmarks including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Vietnam/Korean War memorials, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, the White House, Smithsonian, and a very large mall in Virginia. Guess which she liked best? Answer below.). Daughter #3 has returned from 10 days in Sacramento, where she stayed indoors to avoid the heat, enjoyed playing with the new puppy at her dad’s house and spent a hellacious amount of time online. How do I know this? A little thing called Parental Controls on AOL sends me a message whenever she’s been online, and it says, “XXX has been online 1 hour and 50 minutes…” Lovely.

So she’s back in my orbit and doing my bidding now: sorting through her stuff to see what’s going to the garage sale and packing everything else for our move to Taylor Avenue.

FYI, friends, I’ve a number of useful household items available for FREE if you will come fetch them:

* a green sofa-sleeper bed with two slip cover-throws to change the look at a moment’s notice (cranberry red with matching pillows and a pewter-gray heavy damask from Pottery Barn). I have matching cranberry red curtains and a throw blankie, too, if you like.

* blue 6-drawer dresser — mahogany wood under the paint. Nicely made (I have built-ins at the new place and no room for this piece)

* two coffee tables – one refinished maple, one cheesy Formica

* green settee with vinyl cushions (loveseat style) — suitable for porch or can be refinished for indoor use. Funky Moderne style — came from my dad’s office about 40 years ago.

* Formica bookcase — another relic from Dad’s office (Yikes! or Wow! depending on your taste)

* unfinished pine 100-CD rack

* Rugs: wool oval braided rug, pastel shades, perfect for girl’s room, about 6×10. 4×6 Wedgewood blue throw rug. Brand new 6×8 modern-style rug with gold/lime/cream squares (just bought at Home Depot, never used).

* a huge amount of arts & crafts stuff (candle-making, beads, mosaic stuff, cross-stitchery), plus fabric and other sewing stuff.

* Assorted dolls, Barbies, assorted toys.

* Children’s books, good literature that I’ve read and can’t bear to pack and carry again.

* 2-drawer metal file cabinet (beige).

I believe the piano has found a home, thanks.

More to come — I’ll post it as I dig through. Note: any of this stuff is free to you if you’ll just take it away. Otherwise, garage sale takes place July 16 at my house. See you then. Everything must go!

In other news, the next Red Hills Review reading is Thursday night, June 30, at Spellbinding Tales, 1910 Encinal Ave. In other news, more people are signing on for Alameda Literati. When I get back from vacation I have to sort through who’s who and who’s where. But it’s gonna be great. In other news, Mr. Unhusband is the most perfect man on the planet for me. In yet other news, um, if you haven’t received your copy of Red Hills Review in the mail, watch for it soon. I just finished redoing the mailing list, as noted above, and as soon as I get them stuffed, stamped and mailed, I can rest. Ah-ha! That’s all I needed to do…

And now, the answer: Which Washington DC sight did my daughter enjoy most? Well, the mall — with 145 stores — was a big hit with her, as is traveling with her favorite cousins. But best of all? The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Don’t think you know everything about everyone. You don’t.

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