A postscript to today’s shopping adventures. Mr. Husband did the party shopping for our Sunday BBQ and although he kept strictly to the list, and got great buys, nonetheless, we are left with a mere $65.97 to finish the month. With 12 days left, nearly two weeks with three meals per day for five people, that could get interesting. I have asked my family members to bear with it and let’s see how we do. They are, needless to say, already planning where they will go out to eat when this “thing” is over.

Changing the world, one family at a time. Or not.

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  1. Note: it’s clip art. It’s an antique. I think the date is 1934? Note the phone number is Glenwood 3102. I liked it — so cool! But definitely not my own receipt. I don’t have a scanner at present or I would have posted those. Sorry to confuse you!

  2. At some point, I believed it was something other than your receipt. No, I could not read the date. Otherwise, it would have been evident. LOL…thanks.

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