Black and white image, slightly blurry from age
Glass-printed image of a long-lost ancestor.

Julia Park Tracey writes literary historical fiction, bringing to life women’s forgotten stories and lifting silenced voices from her family history. She is the executive editrix at Sibylline Press.

The Bereaved: Martha, an impoverished widow, must leave her family with a children’s aid society for survival. The children are sent out on the Orphan Train and Martha is forced to extremes to reunite her family from three distant states during the Civil War. The novel is meticulously researched and based on a true story; the baby Homer was my great-great-grandfather.

Aged gravestone
The grave of Silence Greenleaf

Silence: A Puritan questioning her faith is punished by the authorities with a year of silence, but is soon called to witness at a witchcraft trial in colonial Massachusetts. Her quandary is in speaking truth to power or being true to herself. The novel is based on my eighth great grandmother, Silence Greenleaf.

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