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May 11

May 11, 2015


I lost my leather jacket about three weeks ago. I had it on, I took it off, I laid it down, I apparently left it wherever I was and now it has vanished, seemingly forever. I bought that jacket when I was 19, at Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, where I had taken the bus after classes at the junior college. I was working part-time for my father in his then-new brass wind-chime factory (housed in a barn on our…

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Jun 22

June 22, 2011

green guilt, green quilt

The book, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story, has been recommended to me a couple of times and I wanted to offer it in case anyone else wants to read it. It’s on my request list at the library; I’ll post a review when I have read it. Yesterday was a hot one — hot and smoggy, so they declared it a Spare the Air Day: don’t drive, don’t BBQ, don’t have wood fires, and try to keep energy use low. But I…

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Jun 19

June 19, 2011

the Ayatollah of plastic

Do you think I’m judging you? By the looks on people’s faces these days, they do. Since I started the Plastic Purge, just about everyone who talks to me says, “Well, it was plastic, but…” or, “You would have hated it, there was so much plastic…” and, “I know it’s plastic, but…”.  There are the more aggressive folks who kind of snarl at me, “Is that plastic? Are you drinking out of a plastic cup? Is your Bandaid plastic?” It’s…

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Mar 8

March 8, 2010

Today’s to-dos (and to-dids)

Nurse sore finger. Feed chickies. Feed cats. Feed birds. Make coffee. Eat breakfast. Load dishwasher, clean up kitchen. Drink more coffee. Think about sore finger. Wash a load of Mr. Husband’s shirts. Hang to dry outside, since it’s sunny and windy. Straighten up where the smaller people have been. Do these chores with index finger elevated and try to keep it out of harm’s way. Look at garden and try to figure out how to add in extra raised beds…

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Mar 3

March 3, 2010

chicka chicka boom boom!

The chickies are here! Meet Daisy, Poppy, Rosie, Violet and Bluebell, one of each of several different breeds of chickens that were waiting to come home with me from Penngrove Hay and Grain. They are happy in their little box-home and as soon as the rain stops, they will go outside and get a little bit of sunshine. We are set to get a premade chicken run from good neighbors Erin and Jack (bee- and chicken-keepers, awesome writers, good people)….

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