chicka chicka boom boom!

The chickies are here! Meet Daisy, Poppy, Rosie, Violet and Bluebell, one of each of several different breeds of chickens that were waiting to come home with me from Penngrove Hay and Grain. They are happy in their little box-home and as soon as the rain stops, they will go outside and get a little bit of sunshine. We are set to get a premade chicken run from good neighbors Erin and Jack (bee- and chicken-keepers, awesome writers, good people). They also have a hen house for us but it may be too big to get here. We shall see. Sunday is the day.

But here they are, and aren’t they cute?

My days now have an added activity, to care for the chickies, and make sure the kitties stay away and that young people don’t handle them too much.

I was away in Penngrove over the weekend and did lots of thrifting and meandering, plus hanging out with my parents and good friend from long ago, Melinda. We went to dinner Saturday night for my birthday dinner, and sister Carolyn came, too. Good food included Sonoma wine, local veggies, goat cheese, mushrooms and cream. Eat locally, get fat, wherever you are…mmmm.

I did a lot of wandering through antique stores and thrift/consignment shops. I came away with a boatload of vintage embroidered linens, linen fabric, laces and doilies, fabrics and funky items — including a wind-up alarm clock (love it!), a washboard, and a cookie cutter shaped like a peeping chick. Plus I got 100 lbs of black oil sunflower seed for my birds. Plus the chicken feed. I am now washing my way through piles of laundry — my own, Mr. Husband’s, since he was away all week on business and pleasure, and these new-to-me linens.

Today I got back to my sewing machine and finished the Sur la Table-inspired napkins. Here they are, as well as a closeup of the fun fabrics I used:

And other than that, not much new here. My sewing room overfloweth. I’m trying not to get sick with Simone and Austin’s cold. Dinner tonight is Mexican-ish. I am baking an enchilada casserole and boiling pinto beans (no cans for me). Corn and green beans for veg on the side. American Idol is on tonight, as are many other shows that got set aside for the Winter Olympics, which, btw were really cool. I love Canada. I’m glad they won the hockey game. And I think I want to live there. Not visit. Live. It’s tropical there, right?

Peace out, chicken-lovers.

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  1. Have you stopped by Humble Pie in Penngrove yet? (Hope they’re still there…) It’s a family-owned-and-operated little restaurant featuring locally produced food and (natch) pies. The decor is way-far-out, and they play music from their collection of vinyl.

    Congrats on your little feathered friends; I look forward to hearing more about them!

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