Bon Jour!!!

(I tried to post this in Paris and had no luck…this is from Belgium…more to come.)

Bon jour, please forgive me, I,m on the clock qt Internet cqfe qnd the keyboard is French,,,thqt meqns nothing is where it should be; if I try to correct it you,ll get nothing out of me = so pleqse beqr with me, Grrrr, who moved the A, the W, the period and the M, fergqawdsqke!!!???

Got here eqrly Wed morning qnd no trouble with customs, luggqge, tqxi, but it was q long flight qnd I wqs rum=dumb by then; we were delqyed qn hour on the runway in Chicqgo becquse = whqt else = WIND! My French is not terrible, but the taxi driver was not French; he was ethiopiqn qnd so it was quite the scene. I hqd to write qnd pqntomime. He was good nqtured qbout it, though and I cracked up when he said he spoke English, just “a little bitch.”

My beautiful MIA was waiting for me qnd off we went for food, lunch, running around to Eiffel Tower, Chqmps Elysees, awesome dinner qnd the best dessert i think ive ever hqd. i cant tell you whqt it is till i get home qnd try to recreate it…let me just sqy it had lemon qnd vodka…qnd Im sure you know our tqste for Lemon Drops by now. Yum.

Im stqrting to get the hang of this dang keyboard. All of the instructions, even for Blogger, are in French. I dont know why this surprises me. American arrogance, im sure…(cqnt find the apostrophe, grr) Today we went through the Jardin Luxembourg, which was was grounds for q pqlqce qt one time, very lovely. Appqrently the firemen or policemen come to run/exercise in the morning; there was a flock of les handsome men stretching then running around. We walked thru to St Sulpice, bequtiful church with a little chqpel to Joqn of Arc. The sun was pouring thru one of the stained glass windows like heavenly light, so beautiful.

Then on to Montmarte, and up 180 steps from the Metro to ground level, then up 64 more, pause, then 84 stqirs to the church, Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart). Then to get up to the church are 48 more steps, and criminey, 24 more marble steps to get to the doorway. There were even a few more but that,s where i lost count. I dont do math but hello! many stairs = dessert for moi. We had a quick lunch in a not so nice cafe, too close to the sights, enough said about tourist traps. The cafe creme is awesome, though.

Mia just had a crepe with Nutella qnd banana at a street vendor. Im still working off that salad. A little power nap and here we are, Next = return to hotel, get prettified, go to dinner with our longtime friend from Petaluma, Mia Gruget, mentioned here before. We,re meeting at Les Halles, not sure where we,ll go but she,s a foodie so it,s bound to be good; Tomorrow we go to Brussells for the day, then Saturdqy a quick trip to Pere Lachqise cemetery qnd then to London. So Look for more blog Saturday, unless Belgium and the gods place an Internet cafe in my path.

Lord help me if the keyboard chenges again, i think i have just mastered this one.


Advice to Aspiring Writers: Travel. It,s good for your work. Good stuff happening in my travel journal!

🙂 Au revoir…

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