beyond the house

Doris, age 16, in 1926, with her Aunt Mae, left.

Hey, loyal followers — just wanted to post a link to my current project. Since my Great Aunt Doris passed away in March 2011, I inherited her journals, and have since been transcribing and compiling them for posterity. Fabulous funny stuff from a rebellious teenager in the Roaring 20s, spirited entries from a stubborn college girl in the Great Depression, and delicious posts from an independent young woman arriving in San Francisco on the eve of World War II.

Love, laughter, cocktails and lovers — it’s all there.

I may not be posting at the Muse for a while as the Doris Diaries gets on its feet as a project, so do check in at the following sites:

The Doris Diaries: Complete diary entries with photos and history

Daily tweets in Doris’s own words on Twitter

Funny Facebook posts on her own fan page

Want to chat? Drop me a line at my own email address (posted in my profile at right).
Thanks for the love and I’ll be back here in a little while — with more house photos and green stuff.

Doris in her 80s with me and my daughters, Occidental, CA.

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  1. I’m starting to read a few of the tweets, and I’m really struck by the “family resemblance”. By that I mean that you both have a charming and cheeky writing style.

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