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Back into the real world, despite my second bad cold of the season (which started Sept 1 for me, I think), and a case of itchies in all the raw places (inside elbows, behind knees, inside wrists, back of neck, lower side-back, throat under ears…lovely). I ended up missing Sunday-Wednesday, a half-week right in the deathmarch before Literati, and ack, ack, ack, I am on the verge of panic. But who cares? It will be OK. Right? Right?

Movies watched = zero. I’ve seen most of them and couldn’t get inspired enough to re-watch anything, not even Jane Austen.

Books read = Desire of the Everlasting Hills by Thomas Cahill; Odds Against and Whip Hand by Dick Francis, plus started another – Longshot; finished The Gospel According to Jesus by Stephen Mitchell; looked at about six other books and couldn’t get excited about any of them. So horse-racing mysteries and books about Jesus. What gives? Call it delirium. Or a way to ponder life’s unanswerable mysteries. Like why I hate mysteries, sort of, but love Dick Francis. Like why I’m not that keen on horses, since being nearly killed by one, but I find the horse-racing adventures (with death and mayhem in hot pursuit) enjoyable. Did I mention that I’ve read ALL of these books before? So none of this was even new to me.

But there you go. Sick reading for a sick, sick woman.

Episodes of CSI watched = a couple more. I also saw a couple of espisodes of “House” (the mean doctor guy). And part of a special on Costa Rica’s crocodiles. Gotta luv Animal Planet.

Advil consumed = far too many, with a cracking headache that lasted for 4 days. But I’ve lived. Now stop that cheering. You knew I was gonna live anyway.

Teabags used = half as many as cups of tea consumed, because I used them all twice. Favorite flavor this time around = spiced chai. Yum.

Brain cells left to work on ALameda Literati = 27

Days left to work on Alameda Literati = 9-ish

Days until I start working on Literati 2008 = 10

Back to the salt mines…

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