Blogging beautifully…virtual tour underway

Seriously? You could have one of these.

Busy week, my friends! This week I’m on a virtual book tour for Tongues of Angels: A Novel, and the week started out with a bang on Sunday night. Mr. Husband and I went on the radio to talk about the Catholic Church, baseball and what makes a good marriage (they’re asking us!??) The radio station was FCC Free Radio, “Radio for the People, by the People!” It was an entertaining conversation with host Ralph “Zig” Tyko.

Monday was double duty. I visited two blogs at once (you can do that when it’s virtual. In real life, not so much). Writer Tomi L. Wiley invited me to her blog to chat over the origins of Tongues of Angels. (Read about that right here.) The Twitterverse liked it so well that the interview was picked up on Inktuition. So that was cool.

The same day I shared that charming story about my book-signing event back in 2004 when I was universally hated. At that event. Not the whole world. [koff] I hope. This story appeared on Christina Mercer’s blog and was met (this time) with resounding praise and fanfare in social media. What a lovely thing it is not to be hated!

Tuesday was a hit with Lady Amber, famous for reviewing indie books of all stripes, who allowed me gracious use of her page. She is hosting a giveaway *as we speak* for a signed copy of Tongues of Angels. All you have to do is go to the site and click a few buttons. Promise, it won’t hurt a bit. That giveaway ends Friday, so don’t miss it!

Today (Wednesday) was my day to visit Rachel Thompson’s blog, but she liked my post so well that she held it for #MondayBlogs, when it is sure to pick up more readers. That’s cool, and gave me an extra day to enjoy yesterday’s successes. (Check back here to see it when it’s up.)

I have dates to visit with Jordan Rosenfeld tomorrow and Rebecca Lawton on Friday. Sunday is the kicker to this week of whack — an online party where you simply show up at 6 pm Pacific Time (that is, be on Facebook at that time), and play along with some of the party games we’ll be having. Trivia, picture-finds, and more, resulting in red rosaries for everyone, and prizes including paperback and ebook versions of Tongues of Angels, Starbucks cards, cards and more. That’s right. PRIZES. Free stuff. Who doesn’t like that?

So stick around. You might be a winner….

Ciao, bellas!

Authors’ Blog Hop is on its way!

Hey! Wanna get to know some new authors? I am part of an independent authors’ blog hop in the next week, where dozens of authors will be sharing their stories, books, and knowledge. The Blog Hop links them all, so if you go to one, you can enter a drawing to win that author’s book, or to another and win other prizes. And guess what? I’m offering prizes right here!!!

Yes. I am.

<< Tongues of Angels: A Novel and a shiny red rosary, for your own prayer use, home decor or art project (these haven’t been blessed, so no one is desecrating religious objects, in case you were concerned). I like to have one in my car hanging from the rear view mirror. Whenever I get into rough traffic, I grab it and say a few Hail Marys. (That’s how I roll. Literally.)

So who’s running this blog hop, anyway? Lady Amber Reviews, a sassy little minx who loves to read and talk about books. You like the romance? She’s got romance. You like the paranormal? She’s got the paranormal. You like the erotic? She’s got the erotic. And then she’s got this weird one called Tongues of Angels that no one knows that to do with. Yeah. That’s me. Anyway. Onward.

Want to know more about the Blog Hop? Visit the event page on Facebook or on GoodReads and check it out!

And there are more virtual events this month surrounding Tongues of Angels. I will post more about them soon. More chances to win, more articles to read, and more reviews, too.

The Blog Hop runs today (July 3) through July 11, and there will be a giveaway on the last day. I will post the details on how to enter and win tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are the writers who are participating, in one teeny link. Check them out — truly, these are all passionate authors who are giving their souls on a platter… Blog Hop Author Roll.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Independence Day, too!