Damn, we’ve run aground. I am without a computer — it has crashed, totally. Luckily, the computer wiz is able to save all my stuff — which is not, of course, backed up anywhere…no novel, no poetry, just a few random hard copies out there. Eek. It is terrifying to consider.

I am borrowing laptops in the meantime until I can buy some new stuff and fix some old stuff (apparently there is a ton of dirt and debris inside the computer, as well as a gazillion Trojan horses, thanks, kids and limewire…). So I may be out of touch by email for a while — checking in when I can. P may bring his laptop home from work so I can work. Otherwise it may be slow going on the next MS issue, freelance stories due imminently, etc. But at least annoying Internet stalkers and spammers will not bother me.

Just wanted to let y’all know. Cheers and righty-o.

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