For You, But Not for You

Please, take a seat. This place is yours. Welcome, and would you like a cocktail? Wanna hear about my kids? My man? my life? Pull up a chair, get comfy in the cushions and sit back.

So last night I was dreaming about being on vacation with the kids. We were in a Winnabago — a really huge one, and we were at the Grand Canyon. The Winnabago had a swimming pool on the roof, with a slide. A hot tub, too, I think. Wacky stuff, man. And they’re all there looking down at the Grand Canyon, and I go into the gift shop and am picking out these old brass letters, like to string on a necklace. I’m spelling out something. I don’t know what –I did know in the dream, but it vaporized as I rose into consciousness. The word is gone. Something significant and perverse, I’m sure. And there were squirrels, too. Big gray ones. Running all over the ground. Significance of squirrels in dreams? Maybe that we’re all a bit nuts. Evidence of this is all around me.

I like the idea of a Winnabago and a trip to the Grand Canyon and buying stuff in the gift shop and even the swimming pool on the roof. Alas, never gonna happen. Too many kids, not enough ‘Bago to hold ’em all. And I’ve been on family trips with too many people and too little room. Not so good. So the dream will remain a dream. Nothing more.

Last week of homework for writers: Finish outstanding projects. Bring in other work you’d like critiqued. And continue having 15-minute dates with yourself to write about — whatever you want. As long as you do it. Bring a self-addressed envelope to class so I can mail home your final work (I’ll pay for postage if you forget). And thanks for being a great class. Want more? Check out creative writing classes at Jack & Erin’s groovy chicken coop.

Other news? Working on long magazine stories, a new book idea (an anthology of essays this time — watch for more to be posted here, eventually), trying to keep up with the madcap activities and daily car trips around the Island to fetch and deliver children, keeping pace with Miss Mia in her new place in NYC, and spending extra quality time with The Man. This weekend is a trip north to visit Aunt Doris, my mom and sister, see high school friends and have brunch with my dear friend and mentor Barbara. The weekend after is a special few days with my Man for some Valentine’s and birthday fun. And thereafter, deadlines, drama, you name it. It’s on the table.

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