Fame…I’monna live 4ever

November 8, 2007|Posted in: Uncategorized

Yeah, right. Actually, just wanted to report that the California Newspaper Publishers’ Association (CNPA) ran the article about me in this week’s e-edition (weekly news) and then someone from Editor and Publisher called to follow up. So a national trade journal is writing something about me, not that I actually talked to them. The partners did the talking. I was busy beating my children or something.

Everyone is tired and grumpy and half-sick with colds again. But I’m writing fiction and so freaking happy about that I could squeak. eek! Go read my NaNo if you want some storytime. www.juliasnano.blogspot.com — I’m having a gas with it. I’m 3000 words behind but damn, I work all day writing. More at night is hard to do. And I also have Saints to work on. Um, gotta go now…word counter is calling.


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