coupla pix before bed

I am falling asleep on East Coast time still. But a few quick pix:

(L)Mia before the graduation (waiting at Madison Sq Garden/Penn Station) (notice the bag I made her), then
(R) Mia waving her diploma after leaving the stage, at the 42nd St theatre where Phantom of the Opera plays every day and night.

(L)Mia in front of her fabu school. Do you love her hat or what?

Here is Ma and Pa Tracey in front of the U-No-What…notice and appreciate my $16 dollar-store outfit — which became necessary when my beat-up Uggs and jeans and sweaters were suddenly not appropriate for a graduation in 80-degree heat.

And here is Pa, dearest Mr. Husband, showing off how tall he is, next to the very tall

you-know-what building…sans Kong.

Mia and girlfriends: (L) Erin, who was my intern at Alameda Magazine and then the younger girls’ tutor, is Mia’s pal in NY, and (R) Brooke is Mia’s dear friend from Santa Rosa, and she alsojust graduated from a different acting academy. Cute as all get out and very sweet.

more later, mommy’s tired…

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