Buy My Book

You know you want it. Ask me how…

OK, here’s one way:

Send $16 for the book including tax and postage if you are in CA, just $14 (no tax) if you are not in CA, to:

Stellar Media Group Inc/Scarlet Letter Press
3215J Encinal Ave.
Alameda CA 94501
ATTN Amaryllis Order

Check PAYABLE TO Stellar Media Group Inc, or send cash, or call to order with a credit card: 510-263-1472.

Send with your address and if you want it signed, any dedication info. Book will be in the mail w/in 24 hours.

The book will soon be on Amazon but isn’t *quite* yet. It will be on the Web site any day now. Click the Bookstore link and you can buy ALL my books and then some!

If you *promise* to put a check in the mail, send me your address and I’ll put the book on its way to you ASAP. (I don’t have any more free copies, alas, or I’d give them to all of you!)

Thanks for the loving support, my friends.

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