A Note FromBudapest (via my mother)

When Mia was in Budapest, she stayed with my former neighbor Kathy, who is grown and married and has two children. Our parents are still close friends, and Kathy’s mother recently wrote to my mother with this to say about Mia’s visit:

Dear Liz and Bill,
Thank you for your nice letter; it was so good to hear from you. Well, Mia “did” Budapest, and Kathy and family enjoyed having her. Kathy was very proud of her – Mia went sightseeing on her own and in spite of all the construction going on all over the place (they are renovating some of the subway lines), she managed very well. She is a very good traveler and houseguest. Also got along very well with the boys. One evening they did some kind of talent show – and Mia danced. That was a big hit!

Mia was pretty tired by the time she got home in the evenings, so she did not go to any nighttime event. She just relaxed with Kathy and family, which was nice. I hope she had a good time. I think the weather was terribly hot. (We know now how that is…)…

Love, Elizabeth and Otto

NB from Julia: nice to hear how the visit went from someone else’s perspective 😉

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