tick tock: happy thoughts

Waiting for Mr. Glass-fixin Guy to show up. Tick tock. In the meantime, here’s a short list of happy things:

1. The gardenia brought to me by my daughter Ana. Sweet scent fills the room. It was a birthday gift that truly has kept on giving.


2. Bought seeds for the garden yesterday. Mostly American Seed Co., not the world’s greatest seeds, but they do the job. I grow them organically. We eat them for months. I like my garden. Seeds = spring.

3. Ophelia, aka Fifi. What’s not to love? She rules my heart.

4. Hair salon appointment today. Walk in like a mouse, walk out like a babe. Again, I ask you: What’s not to love? (No photo available of mouse or babe, sorry.)
5. That satisfying feeling of paying bills, of saving a little money for a rainy day, of cooking good food, and of living well without completely raping and pillaging Planet Earth. Maybe counting piles of gold is your thing. Not mine. I’d rather count the tomatoes off the vine, the finches on the fence, and sunny days so I can hang my laundry out to dry in the breeze.
Simple life? I wish it were more so. One day at a time.

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