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Missive From Mia

thank you for my gloves! i got them today and was glad to see a little love note stuck in there. glad to see also, that the address i am handing out is right.

don’t send me the book. i found good ol’ bill for like £2 in a bookstore by work. As for the phone: yeah, we were in harrods and had [terrible] service. that place is amazing!

work is really fun. well…work is lame but the people are a blast! I have a friend already (as in, gone to lunch several times and have a shopping/movie date tomorrow) with Emma, this really nice girl from Lithuania (like Simona and Rolandas, right?). and we’ve met our token gay man friend, Darren, who told me about some awesome dance studios which i am definitely going to check out tomorrow (THE FIRST OF MY 2 DAYS OFF! WOOHOO!). he’s really fun and if you get him drunk enough, he’ll buy drinks all night! haha.

James – absolutely adoringly handsome and tall and a professional actor and old – 26? haha. um…yeah, i’m smitten but he has a 30-something year-old gf and i guess it’s serious. so that’s fine, he and i are friends. but Emma is like, “girlfriend or not, he fancies you! he might not leave her but he has a crush on the little american girl!” because he will come around a lot wherever i am working or call on the phone for me (we all spend all day calling each other because it is half-term and the museum is pretty dead) mostly: he’s fun to have a crush on and that’s all that will turn out to be.

Richard — reallllllly funny guy. apparently single but i don’t know. he’s really cool, though.

Jamie and Jenn – two girls Brooke knows from Vegas and introduced us over myspace because we are both here and so we’ve hung out a few nights. fun, american girls… remind me of theater chicks from home.

and so the list goes on. 🙂 haha. you were right, mom, friends!

Note from Mom: I just love it when she says I was right.

Lindsay and i are trying to plan our weekend trip to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day and i’m trying to prepare my NYC stuff. my stomach says: KEBABS! we’ve discovered our passion in the Kebab Kid, which sells chips for £1 and lamb or chicken kebabs in pita with lettuce, etc. for like £3. amazing. open until 2 a.m. so especially good after a few pints. so i leave you.

i love you. hope you can hang with it all and know i am always looking forward to a call. loads of kisses and lots of love to everyone. tell those girls (and boy) to behave themselves! don’t forget me!


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