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Got a couple of nice notes and comments back about the poetry posted here. Thanks — and glad you liked it. FYI, these are from the collection that’s due to be published by Scarlet Letter Press this year. It was set for spring, but another book jumped ahead in line, so wait for it in early fall (September). Amaryllis is the title poem.

Haven’t posted in a while, been super busy with new job at Alameda Magazine and Oakland City Magazine — associate editor at both mags, with intention of taking editor position at AM by end of the year. That’s the plan, so I hope it all falls together as such. One never knows, but, well, we can hope.

The next issue of Red Hills Review is coming nicely along — lots of amazingly wonderful contributions. I’m looking forward to meeting all these great people at a reading to follow May publication. If you haven’t submitted something, now is the time — my deadline is April 1 for your short essay (2000 words max), short fic (2000 words max) or poems (3 max). Send me a short bio, too (2-3 lines) — to Do it now! Do it today! And make it something superlative. (I know you can do it.)

For other folks, put on your thinking caps. I’m looking for spiritual essays, short memoir or poetry about spiritual matters for a reading in fall — topics from Nature, quests, personal journeys, discoveries, miracles — but thoughtful, not schmaltzy, sugary, traditional. Show me some skin, give it an edge, show me the dark side of belief or disbelief, and how you got there. Jesus is dangerous — show me that Che Guevarra (sp?) side of your faith. Show me how God/dess hits you like a ton of bricks. Boggle me, if you dare. Send it to with the notation “Spiritual” so I know it’s for this other reading.

More details to follow. Amen.

What else? Oh, Lordy, a ton of stuff. Like getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, like crazy kids and their misadventures, like having a birthday and my sweetheart making me the happiest woman on the planet, and like the really exciting fab stuff coming down the pike for Alameda Literati. Watch for an announcement of the new Web sites for Alameda Literati and Red Hills Review to come, soon, I hope. (Webmaster, where art thou?)

Thanks for reading — be well, friends. Now why are you sitting there? Start writing!

Advice to Aspiring Writers: Just do it, baby.

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