sad sunday

just a note of follow up about Elvis the cat, who may not make it much longer. He’s just not well, poor guy. Without going into great detail, suffice it to say he won’t eat anymore (it’s been more than a week) and is slowly starving, so this may be his last night. Very sad here for Mr Husband and kids. Thanks for asking, friends.

* * *
I did not make it to the St P’s Day race this morning — have been tending E most of the weekend. This looks to be a crazy week (what other kind is there?). Corned beef and cabbage for 20+ tomorrow night — wear your green, please. Green Hostess SnoBalls and Jello shots and the whole shebang (–>

My good friend Terrence is releasing his new jazz CD tomorrow night at Yoshi’s in Jack London Square — the first show is sold out and I’m hoping to make the second show at 10 — but with a houseful of people, how likely is that? Not very (break a leg, T!). He made the cover of East Bay Express this week, btw. How cool is that?
I was interviewed Friday evening by a writer for the Bay Area Businesswoman monthly for an article about women publishers in the Bay Area. She came Saturday night to the office to snap some pix. Ever been interviewed? Doesn’t it feel like, afterward, you can’t quite remember what you said but you’re dead certain that you sound like an ass? And you look like one, too? Hope you don’t feel like that when I getcha in the paper. Knowing how it feels, I have long had a method to help people feel at ease and never “nail” them. (Sometimes people nail themselves, but that’s just accurate reporting. I never go for anyone’s jugular. I’m perilously nice, probably too nice for the job.)
No idea when that comes out but I’ll post the link when it does. I feel kinda sick. Could be the chili — probably not. Made awesome chili in the Crockpot all day long. Happy cow-meat (free-range pampered beefs from somewhere in Marin), a bit of tofu, fat beans, thick tomato base, yum. It is vanishing quickly.
This will be a big week for the Measure H campaign, as I’ve mentioned and you’ve already heard. I expect to be nose-to-the-news Monday and Tuesday all day. Thursday, though, my youngest daughter and I are heading for the hills: Fabulous Freezing Tahoe, where one of our nephews is getting married. We are taking the train to Sac, then meeting my parents and driving (carpooling!) together to the lake. Daughter and I are sharing a hotel room with my sister and her daughter, so it should be a fun time. It looks to be in the 40s up there so we’ll have to wear our mittens. No email or internet so bear with me for a few days.
All that — and some freelance, too. What else? A story for The EB Monthly about East Bay wineries and also a review of a textiles exhibition in Berkeley. Due in about a week. Ha freaking ha. Seriously. Yes, I am an ass.
The list of undones is long but suffice it to say that taking care of a sweet old kitty in his last days is one of those important things for which everything else stops.

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