Pitching Woo, or a Fit, Either Way

Pitching a fit, mostly, because my computer is crashed, or crashing. This is the second time in a month. And I really *don’t* have time for this, as we’re leaving Friday for East Coast adventures. Grrr. Oh, well…thanks to my lovely Simone, who is lending me her laptop…

Just wanted to say that I may not be able to post from home, unless on borrowed keyboard, and hope to post a few times from NYC.

I pitched a bunch of articles last week, travel ideas, in hopes of selling a few articles from this trip. Also sent a handful of queries to various magazines — once again, it strikes me — the ache of not being able to sit at the computer all day and write my own stuff. How it pains me. I could sit all day, but alas, work and chores keep me from it.

I’m in other pain as well — pulled back muscles, who knows how. I’m told it is stress, from various dramatic incidents of late, far too stupid to mention, and this is one way stress manifests itself: physical pain. Ow.

I disregarded it and did some yardwork this weekend anyway. I bought a bunch of plants and filled many flower pots and containers, including the big planter in front. Pansies of all colors there, pink impatiens under the cedar bushes, succulents under the other cedar, a neglected corner now becoming an angel’s shrine with daisies and marguerites, and finally, the 5×5 patch between the driveway and the walk, turned and planted with Spanish and English lavender. My roses, newly planted in February, are shooting up and budding already. Calla lilies in bloom everywhere, lush in the front garden. Some orange lilies are up around the sides of the house but I don’t know what they are — but hummingbirds love them. We found a bunch of landscape rocks at roadside, granite and something gray (not sure what it’s called — rock?). So we’ve added about seven decorative rocks around the yard. There’s a little fence around the lavender until it’s established so kids or dogs or gardeners don’t trample through it.

So I am still sore of back, some from pulled muscle, some from yardwork. And heading into travel at week’s end makes me nervous. But a massage tomorrow should help.

That’s all for now — I’ll try to post by Thurs if I can. Otherwise, I’ll write from the Big Apple.

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