Measure H kicks off!

a quick note to say I was at the Measure H kickoff this morning and everyone there seemed excited and passionate about the parcel tax to save programs in our schools. Below are some pix (these will be in the Sun Thursday, at least some of them).

So this is what community activism looks like. Take a bunch of super-committed parents, teachers and residents who care more about the Island and kids and schools than they do their own hides and bam, baby: you’ve got game!
Big stuff happening in the coming week: Tuesday is the big day, so watch for it on TV (the only reason I’d ever recommend watching TV), and read the Sun Thurs. for some deeper synthesis of what-all’s going on. This scene is changing so quickly that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by it.
Grab a life preserver and some sunscreen — and let’s try to enjoy the ride 😉

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