Ireland, or St. Pat’s Potatoes

March 18, 2006|Posted in: Uncategorized

At last, another…

Missive from Mia

Okay, we are here [in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day]!! Yesterday we went to Howth (where I called you) and it was an adorable little fishing village right on the water. Walked along the pier and saw boats, wandered through the streets and saw a huge church (funeral happening so couldn’t get in) and also a really cool graveyard. We walked around and looked at all the Irish names. Went home and spent a lovely evening being pampered by the fire with a delicious meal of steak, salmon, veggies (all home-grown), all which Nula (lindsay’ aunt) made. She’s wonderful, goes upstairs and turns our electric blankets on an hour before we go to bed so we are nice and toasty.

Today we woke up to snow and took the bus into the center of Dublin. It’s freezing, a bit of a blizzard but there is lots to see! None of the ATMs will give me cash so I stopped in to an Internet joint to make sure my account is okay (it is! grrr!!) so I’ll have to figure something out.

Everyone is revving up for St. Patrick’s Day here. The pubs are all done up and there are cheesy souvenirs everywhere! We are definitely on our way to buy some. There is a big parade tomorrow morning which we are planning to attend but hopefully without snow!

Anyway, that’s all here for now. Just trying to stay warm and dry. I’ve been thinking lots about NYC and AADA and pretty much…I think I would rather have not got in at all than get in and not be able to go… sucks pretty royally.

Anywho, though, I love you lots. Will drop you a line or call tomorrow on the real day. Tell the real Patrick at home that he’s awesome and should try to enjoy his day tomorrow.

the lassie

NB from Mommy:
Mia got her acceptance letter from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and she is very excited. Then we saw the cost of tuition, a cool $17K per year. Ack! Not sure if we want to take out loans in taht amount for four years, so we’re looking again at financial aid packages, etc. It’s a balance — do we go for it because it’s her dreamor try something else becasue it’s WAY too much money? I’m not the one to make that call, so we’ll see what happens. Let ya know, when I do.

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