Happy Fun Ball

What’s happier than happy? Why, it’s Happy Fun Ball, of course. But even better is when a New York agent, like the one who’s been reading my ms, sends email saying, sorry, sorry , I’ve been on vacation and when are we getting together? It’s as good, almost, as the editor of my poetry book emailing me to say things like: Amaryllis is a breakthrough project…I have been elated and honored to publish. It is a stunning work of art…

What’s not so much fun? Being cold even when it’s sunny, putting away laundry, coffee with nonfat milk in it, wrong numbers, bruised apples, white chocolate, spam mail, animal poo, bounced checks, bills, broken fingernails, weeds, boredom, bad breath, beeing sleepy when you need to work and wide awake when you need to sleep, moldy leftovers, litter, stepping in gum, shrill noises, being startled, caffeine headaches, fear, and also cold showers.

But I’ll take all of the latter for a small slice of the former (agent/book deal). Winner take all!

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