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That’s a sound I make. When I’m overwhelmed. You know.

Well, I thought it was food poisoning but it was the flu, and it was gross, and my cats keep catching mice that aren’t quite dead and seize any opportunity to run away from their captors, even if it is under a bed (Simone’s). My veggies are green and growing madly and every night we pick a couple of handfuls of green beans and a couple of squash, and if you want some just say so. The clothes are out flapping on the line, and it’s so windy that the umbrella table flipped over, and this time it wasn’t glass, it was a metal one.

A couple of hours ago a guy from Associated Press was here, snapping photos to illustrate a story, for which I was interviewed, about the Compact and green living. They are featuring me among other folks, I guess, and it should go out on the wire within days, so let me know if you see it, huh? I’ll post a link if I see it anywhere.

Because I do want my 3 seconds of fame.

I have shirts to iron, and I’m gonna, pretty soon, but catchingup here after a week of flu, what is there to say but this is me and that’s what’s going on.

Missed ya. Hope you missed me.

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    Ginny Buccelli
    July 17, 2008

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    You have very much been missed. Hope you feel better

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