D’ya think I’m sexy?

Compacting and saving for the day — I took all of my odds and ends of gold and silver jewelry — the single earrings, broken chains, stuff from ancient-ex-boyfriends, etc, to the hock shop (aka Fort Knox) and got $20 for my gold and $18 for my silver. And a whole lotta room in my jewelry box, for stuff I really like.

I also had a silver locket and a triple strand of freshwater pearls that they did not want. Instead, I took them to my fave consignment store and that lady gladly took both necklaces to resell. I had $10.50 on my account, an I was debating whether to take the cash or to let it ride a bit longer and more stuff to sell…and I was merely looking at stuff on the racks to look like I would then spend there, not just take the money and run, which is all I really wanted.

Then I saw it…a beaded chain to keep one’s eyeglasses around one’s neck. Purple sparkly beads, silver findings, and cost = $4. And it was consignment, so not new, and with my account, it was “free,” besides being on sale and just $3.50 anyway. So I still have $7 on account there, plus new items to take in later.

Then: took valuable vintage items into my vintage consignment store — gloves, a hat, a costume brooch, a velvet belt/cummerbund (sp?), and a dress and sweater. Waiting to hear what they’ll give me for those.

Then: took half a dozen of my new books to local independent bookstore, where they will sell them for me, and we are planning an event in June, to which I am required to bring some 15 guests. I think I can make 15 people come. Just if I invite my own household, ha.

I parked and walked all over downtown for these errands, in a free parking space. I did not find a single coin on the ground, but I did find 2 cans and a bottle.

So…do you think I’m sexy with my new-to-me eyeglass chain and my found-in-the-gutter recyclables and my squint through outmoded prescriptions and my upcoming poetry reading? Because I’m beginning to think I ought to be locked up.

And please don’t tell my teenagers. They will lock me up for sure.

love, Granny Clampett

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