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Aug 10

August 10, 2008

how I spent my last 10 days

We got home from our mountain vacation at fabulous Daveland a few hours ago and I have been trying to catch up — but with some 1,500 messages, my index finger on the mouse finally gave in. A pity, because all of the stuff I missed was really interesting but my finger says get over it and move on.I spent some time on the quiet deck of the cabin thinking about the joy of stillness and wanted to say again…

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Aug 1

August 1, 2008


We’re going up to the mountains again next week for annual family retreat, aka vacation. Looking forward to it. I had grand plans of all that I would do on this vacation, but the bigger challenge is actually not in the doing. It’s in the being. So I’m not taking my sewing machine or my laptop. I’m taking some books and some knitting and a notepad, to slow the pace enough that I can write a few thoughts, not catch…

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