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Sep 27

September 27, 2010

return of the blog

Oops — has it been a month? I have been snapping pix and doing stuff and keep planning to blog about it, and then — well, here I am on the road to hell. So here’s what’s been happening on the Little City Farm… Our exchange student, Fabi, joined us about a month ago, and that meant emptying my office/studio and turning it into to a bedroom suitable for a teen girl. Which meant that all that stuff ended up on…

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Aug 16

August 16, 2010

playing with my food

Garden gone wild! I’ve been experimenting with cucumbers and zucchini all day, trying to figure out how to preserve the bounty of these tasty veggies — well, they’re really fruit — in different ways. Why? Because we eat only seasonal, locally grown produce. So when there are no cucumbers in my backyard and none at the farmers’ market, there are none on the table. So that means at least six months a year without cucumbers. I love cucumbers. Cool, neither…

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Jul 24

July 24, 2010


So — what’s in your freezer? Been busy on the home front, taking care of produce and other food items that come our way. The dehydrator continues, nonstop, drying apples today. Yesterday I dried a few of the farmers’ market nectarines and plums, plus most of a flat of strawberries. They dry nice and chewy and sweet — the best “gummy” fruit you ever had, since it is pure sliced fruit through and through. No preservatives, either. Kid-tested, and she…

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Jul 20

July 20, 2010

omelette du jour

Busy days on my little city farm. The hens, bless their pointy little beaks, are laying, to the tune of about one egg a day on average. And the eggs are getting a little bigger each day. At least two hens are laying; you can see by their feet (thanks, Linda, for the tip), which go kind of grayish-silvery green in tone. I’ve caught two of the hens in the act, or crowing about it (heh) afterward, so cheers to Violet…

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Jul 13

July 13, 2010

bells and whistles and a vuvuzela chorus

You know about the vuvuzela, don’tcha? Well, get out yer vuvuzela, because we had an egg! A little one, and they pecked it to death before I could get out of bed and feed them breakfast — but our chickens (one of them) gave us a practice run. It’s nice to know that someone’s equipment works. Alas, don’t know which hen to cosset and persuade. I’m waiting for more…stay tuned. The garden continues apace. Here’s what I had for breakfast: a handful…

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