Be There or Be Square (it’s free)

If you are in the ‘hood Friday night, I’m giving a free, short reading from Amaryllis: Collected Poems, in celebration of April’s National Poetry Month. 7:30 p.m. at Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Ave., Alameda. ( I’ll also be talking to the high school art crowd about inspiring and supporting the young artist.
No, wait, don’t run away. Poetry is good for you! It makes you smart and strong, just like a vitamin. Here, just listen…just kidding.
If you missed earlier opportunities to hear Juliapoetry, fresh from the source, here’s your chance. It’s free, and it’s a short reading,and there will be no mimes, jugglers, singing children or animal acts. Come one, come all. I think they will have cookies, too.
PS: You can also buy the book there, if you missed the earlier red-tag sale. Sorry, the book’s not free. But so worth it.

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